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Lister Healthcare offers a variety of health care solutions to employed physicians and the medical community. These healthcare solutions include services like office management, EMR, Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visits, regulatory compliance, up-to-date billing practices, clinical laboratory services, CT, MRI, and Nuclear Medicine services.

Lister Healthcare has evolved over the last 38 years. Lister Healthcare was founded in 1979 by Hal Livingston. Over many years, Lister Healthcare has assumed many different roles in the medical community. For example, Lister Healthcare began its journey with physical therapy and respiratory therapy, contracting with hospitals. The company has entered joint ventures with physicians, as well as performed mobile nuclear medicine and mobile ultrasound. Lister Healthcare owns and/or manages medical practices and serum labs throughout Alabama and Mississippi. From the beginning, Hal Livingston has solely owned Lister Healthcare.

Lister Healthcare’s goal is to provide up-to-date methodology and understanding of the new rules and regulations that effect physician fee schedules and patient care. The company is dedicated to meeting, and exceeding, these rules and regulations while staying ahead of the curve in this regard.

About Hal Livingston, Founder of Lister Healthcare

Hal Livingston graduated from the University of Alabama in 1970 with a degree in Education. After teaching for 2 years, he returned to school and retrained to be a Respiratory Therapist. Subsequently, he became the Director of Respiratory Services at Decatur General Hospital. After a year and a half, he came to the Shoals and formed one of the first Lister Healthcare companies.

“Every morning when I get up and go to work, I want the patients to receive the highest quality of care in the clinics and laboratories that are under the Lister Healthcare umbrella.” ---Hal Livingston


Kelly Hall: Chief Operations Officer/President


Professional Degree(s): Associates Degree in Applied Science NWSCC; Registered Nursing - RN 1997

Years in the Medical Field:  25 years in the medical field, with Lister Healthcare for 29 years

Current Title:  Chief Operating Officer, President

Job Description:  This would take days!

Favorite Part of Job:  Providing excellent quality healthcare to patients. Watching business develop and grow from conception through implementation and onto success.

Beth Sockwell: Purchasing Agent


Professional Degree(s): Business Associates

Years in the Medical Field:  23 years in the medical field, all with Lister Healthcare

Current Title:  Purchasing Agent

Job Description:  Purchasing and payables

Favorite Part of Job:  The co-workers, physicians and staff make this an enjoyable place to work

Krista Chase: Insurance Manager/Credentialing Specialist


Years in the Medical Field:  11.5 years in the medical field, with Lister Healthcare for 3 years

Current Title:  Insurance Manager/Credentialing Specialist

Job Description:  Oversee the billing department for Lister Healthcare.Credentialing and maintaining all providers with insurances. Billing for Dr. Barco and fill in and bill other clinics when one of the other billers are out.

Favorite Part of Job:  Interaction between my fellow coworkers. Helping coworkers and patients with problems they may have. Satisfaction of seeing LHC thrive and do well.

Susan Hall: Director of Human Resources, Senior Accountant


Professional Degrees:  Bachelor of Science-Accounting, Bachelor of Science-Management from University of North Alabama (Double Major)

Years in the Medical Field:  28 years in the medical field, all with Lister Healthcare

Current Title:  Director of Human Resources, Senior Accountant

Job Description:  Oversee Accounting, Human Resources and payroll

Favorite Part of Job:  The wonderful people that I work with! We've all been here so long, we're like family.

Brandy Roberson, BSN, RN: Annual Wellness Director/Trainer


Professional Degrees:  BSN, Registered Nurse

Years in the Medical Field:  20 years in the medical field, 2 years with Lister Healthcare

Current Title:  Annual Wellness Director/Trainer

Job Description:  EHR Trainer / Project Development / Clinical Supervisor

Favorite Part of Job:  What I like the best about this job is that my primary responsibility involves interacting with the employees on all different levels of the organization and across all functional areas. Besides being engaged in all the different business areas, day in and day out, I get to help other people grow professionally. It is very rewarding.


In-between visit care management is finally here!

Medicare's new Chronic Care Management program can help people get more goal-directed, coordinated care.

What is Chronic Care Management?

It is a new Medicare benefit that provides people with multiple chronic conditions additional support. At the center of the program is a comprehensive care plan, developed in collaboration with your health care team (doctor, nurse practitioner, nurses, staff), and updated monthly. Enhanced care coordination, a focus on your goals and quality of life in context of your conditions are a focus of the program. Medicare recently made the program more accessible to patients.

The Program

As part of Medicare's goal to help people receive more goal directed, holistic care planning and in-between visit care, it launched a brand new, exciting program. The program can help your doctor and practice staff provide you a comprehensive care plan and enhanced engagement with your care. People participating in the program often mention that they feel more connected to their healthcare and that they may receive more coordinated, goal-oriented care.

CCM could be right for you.

Ask your healthcare providers if you are a candidate for the program. If you have two or more chronic conditions, you may be eligible.

CCM partners with your care team.

We love helping people receive quality in-between visit care  management. We partner with patients and providers in a collaborative, efficient, and fun way.

Ask One of Our Providers to Learn More about CCM


Have you had your Annual Wellness Visit?

Medicare now covers an annual wellness visit with your physician at no cost to you whether you are enrolled in original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan! This visit is an opportunity for you and your doctor to develop a personalized prevention plan that takes a comprehensive approach to improving your health and preventing disease. This means that you and your doctor can develop a strategy together to help manage your health care.

The annual wellness visit benefit includes the following services:

  • Routine measurements, such as your height, weight, blood pressure, and body mass index (BMI)
  • Review of your individual medical and family history
  • Review of the medications, supplements, and vitamins that you are currently taking
  • Discussion of the care you are currently receiving from other health care providers
  • Review of your functional ability and level of safety (for example, your risk of falling at home), including any cognitive impairment, as well as a screening for depression
  • Discussion of personalized health advice that takes into account your risk factors and specific health conditions or needs, including weight loss, physical activity, smoking cessation, fall prevention, and nutrition
  • Discussion of referrals to other appropriate health education or preventive counseling services that may help you minimize or treat potential health risks
  • Planning a schedule for the Medicare screening and preventive services you will need over the next five to 10 years.

Although the annual wellness visit is not the same thing as an annual physical exam, it provides you with the same opportunity to talk with your doctor about your health concerns. After your initial annual wellness visit, you are eligible for a follow-up or subsequent wellness visit every 12 months. The annual wellness visits are not subject to Medicare Part B deductibles, co-insurance, or copayments, which means that there is no expense to you.


Ask One of Our Providers to Learn More about
Annual Wellness Visits


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Ardmore Clinic- Ardmore, AL

26545 First St. • Ardmore, AL 35739
(256) 423-4800

Claude S. Bridges III, MD

Calera Family Healthcare - Calera, AL

11206 Hwy 25 • Calera, AL 35040
(205) 668-0941

Michael J. Turner, MD

Sharon Lettrich, NP

True Medical Group - Muscle Shoals, AL

104-A Physicians Drive • Muscle Shoals, AL 35661
(256) 383-6070

Terry J. True, MD, FAAFP

Joyce Shea, CRNP, DNP

Elizabeth Livingston, CRNP

Tabitha Clemons, CRNP



For continuity of care and accuracy in filing insurance claims on your behalf, it is helpful if you bring the following items to each office visit.

  1. Your insurance cards. If you have more than one insurance please bring both the primary and secondary cards with you. We'll need to make a copy for billing purposes.
  2. Please bring your driver's license and social security card.
  3. Prescription Medications. Please bring all of your prescription medications with you or you can make a list of the medications and that you are currently taking and include the dosage and how you take them.


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