Lister Healthcare offers a variety of health care solutions to employed physicians and the medical community. These healthcare solutions include office management, EMR, Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visits, regulatory compliance, up-to-date billing practices, clinical laboratory services, remote patient monitoring, and ultrasound.

Lister Healthcare has evolved over the last 43 years. Founded by Hal Livingston, Lister Healthcare has assumed many different roles in the medical community. Lister Healthcare began its journey with physical therapy and respiratory therapy, contracting with hospitals. The company has entered joint ventures with physicians, as well as performed mobile nuclear medicine and mobile ultrasound. Lister Healthcare owns and/or manages medical practices and serum labs throughout Alabama. From the beginning, Hal Livingston has solely owned Lister Healthcare.

Lister Healthcare’s goal is to provide up-to-date methodology and understanding of the new rules and regulations that effect physician fee schedules and patient care. The company is dedicated to meeting, and exceeding, these rules and regulations while staying ahead of the curve.

Our Staff

Trae Quinn

Kelly Flippo McDonald

Krista Chase

Susan Hall

Brandy Roberson