In-between visit care management is finally here!

Medicare's Chronic Care Management program can help people get more goal-directed, coordinated care.

What is Chronic Care Management?

It is a Medicare benefit that provides people with multiple chronic conditions additional support. At the center of the program is a comprehensive care plan, developed in collaboration with your health care team (doctor, nurse practitioner, nurses, staff), and updated monthly. Enhanced care coordination, a focus on your goals and quality of life in context of your conditions are a focus of the program. Medicare recently made the program more accessible to patients.

The Program

As part of Medicare's goal to help people receive more goal directed, holistic care planning and in-between visit care, it launched a brand new, exciting program. The program can help your doctor and practice staff provide you a comprehensive care plan and enhanced engagement with your care. People participating in the program often mention that they feel more connected to their healthcare and that they may receive more coordinated, goal-oriented care.

CCM could be right for you.

Ask your healthcare providers if you are a candidate for the program. If you have two or more chronic conditions, you may be eligible.