11.14 Personnel - Termination of Employment


    Lister Healthcare makes every effort to recruit and select the most qualified candidates for employment.  Situations arise, however, that cause either the employees or the employer to reconsider the relationship.

    Voluntary Termination:  A voluntary termination is a resignation by an employee for stated reasons.  Non-management employees are asked to give 14-days notice.   Management employees are asked to give 30-days notice.  Also considered voluntary terminations are the following:

    • Retirement
    • Failure to report for work within 24-hours of scheduled start time without notifying the supervisor and receiving approval for the absence.
    • Failure to work for six-months unless on approved medical leave. 

    Reduction in force:  Should work schedules and requirements diminish, it may be necessary to reduce the number of employees in any given work area.  Employees will be selected for layoff based on a combination of factors.

    Discharge:  Engaging in prohibited workplace conduct, or unsatisfactory job performance, may be cause for immediate termination of employment without warning.

    Should circumstances dictate, prior to the discharge of an employee, the supervisor and a member of management may conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the potential termination.

    Employees may be suspended with or without pay pending the outcome of such an investigation.

    Separation Date:  The last day the employee performs their job and turns in all Lister Healthcare equipment, including keys, pager, name badge, etc. will be considered the separation date.  Benefits continuation, such as COBRA (medical insurance) will be explained to the employee on or before this date.

    Exit Interview:  An exit interview may be scheduled with each employee who leaves Lister Healthcare.  The purpose of the interview is: 

    • To document the reason(s) an employee is leaving;
    • To solicit constructive feedback to improve the Company;
    • To provide the employee with information concerning benefits; and
    • To collect keys, bags, supplies, and the employee handbook.
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